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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to communicate with you?

Email is generally best. A Skype call or something similar is also completely fine.

Can we send you song lists?

Absolutely. How involved you want to get is entirely up to you however, I do have a lot of experience and so aside from ‘special songs’ or specific songs you would like to hear on the day, I really only need to be pointed in the right direction. A small sample list for dinner and for one for dancing is fine. Even without that, I would be prepared for pretty much any situation and will read the crowd accordingly. That’s what you pay me for.

Do you have audio recordings or videos?

Every wedding is different so its difficult to maintain samples or mixes for every demographic. There are videos of weddings on my Facebook page in amongst the posts in my news feed.

How much time do you need to prepare the songs from a list?

Just a day or two.

Do you require the actual song files, or just the names of the songs?

Just the names of the songs in text.

So what about non-English language songs?

A large percentage of weddings & events here require non-English language songs and I would likely need some support from your side to source these.

How versatile are you with genres of music?

Extremely. I can do whatever it takes musically to keep everybody happy.

Do you MC?

I’m not a professional MC and so for things like welcome speeches, the introduction of bridal parties, orchestrating games, etc – wedding planners will normally recommend that you select a member of your group to be the MC. That way it’s always a lot more natural, relaxed and fun. Alternatively, I can recommend & introduce you to professional MC’s.

What are your regular start and finish times?

Most weddings, I either start pre-ceremony, as guests arrive, or at dinner.

Do you have your own sound equipment inc. professional microphones?

Yes. I have a professional sound system suitable for small to medium sized venues and up to around 80 people.

Do you provide lighting?

Yes. I have professional, industry standard ‘LED Par Lighting’, suitable for small to medium sized weddings and all weathers. They can be used for mood lighting in a wide range of colors, or even to light up exterior walls. They can also be used as ‘disco lights’, either mounted on stands or positioned on the ground.

Do you take requests?

Of course. However, sometimes I may look for your blessing as often, after a few drinks, guests will request obscure songs that can kill the party, so I can either use my own discretion or look for approval from you if I’m not sure its a good idea.

How do we book you?

Confirmation in writing is perfectly fine, and I will go ahead lock it in my schedule.


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